On a scale of 1:10, how would you score them...

If you have a rental property that is managed by an agent, do you ever stop and ask yourself the question "Are they doing the job you are paying them to do, and at a reasonable fee"?

Here's a checklist to enable you to come to a fair conclusion on how well your present agent is working for you;

1. Do you have to chase your agent up for your rent every month?

2. Does the rent arrive in your account when it is due, or after it was due?

3. If you have a query, do they always return your calls or emails?

4. Are property management visits carried out regularly and always when due?

5. Do they add a commission for themselves on to any contractors charges?

6. Is the monthly rental statement easy to read and understand?

7. Do they charge a fair and reasonable fee for the work they are doing?

Is the answer 'yes' to all of the above? It should be, as they should simply be standard practice for any professional letting agent who genuinely has the best interests of their client at heart.

However, having recently taken over the management of a small portfolio of properties that were previously managed by another agent, it would seem that this is not the case! After spending the first month sorting out the rather messy paperwork that was handed over to us, as well as meeting the tenants and inspecting the properties, we ensured that by month two everything was 'tickety boo' and most importantly that all of the rents were paid over to the Landlord on time. Imagine our surprise when we received a lovely email from the Landlord thanking us for the fact that it was the first month in many years that they hadn't had to chase their agent for the rent!

We could not believe that someone would be so grateful to us for giving them what we would just consider to be our standard service and the minimum that anyone has the right to expect from their letting agent.

So, if the above has got you thinking and you are interested in finding out how we at 'Iles and Jenkin' can offer you the service you deserve, please contact our office or take a look at our website.

We are always happy to pop out and meet you in your home, or at the rental property.

Or better still, why not drop into our office where we can sit and discuss your individual requirements over a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Thank you for reading!

Neil Jenkin, Director