Have you ever met a person and, for some reason, taken an instant dislike to them? Perhaps they were a bit scruffy, came across as a little arrogant, or even smelt less than fragrant!

Then, after you got to know them a little more - perhaps they were a work colleague, a neighbour or just someone for various reasons you had no choice but to spend time with - you discovered that your first impression was far from accurate.

You learnt to rather like that person for all of their perceived quirks or perhaps discovered that your first impression was not a fair reflection of who they really were as at your first meeting they were simply having a bad day, were under pressure, or just plain nervous.

Well, the same can be true for a property.

It has been reported that you only have 27 seconds to make a good first impression. That is hard enough when we are talking about ourselves, but how does that work when we are talking about your home?

For example, when you market your home for sale it is crowded onto various property websites with lots of other similarly priced properties, conveniently listed together all jostling to make a GREAT first impression. Does the viewer click for further details on yours, or simply move on to the next one?

So, how do you make sure that it’s your home that makes the great first impression, both online, in print and in person, and catches the eye of those buyers? And yes, people do still come out and physically view homes before they buy one, despite all the clever online gizmos available these days! But they also discount an awful lot of them too, just because they’ve taken a dislike (and not always fairly) to something they’ve seen after the property made a poor first impression online.

Well, at the risk of seeming smug, the first thing you should do is to call ‘Iles & Jenkin’ and invite us to give you a FREE Market Appraisal. We will be able to give you an honest and straightforward appraisal of your home’s value as well as advising how we will be able to help you to help your home really stand out and impress in those first, crucial 27 seconds.

So, if you want to sell your home quickly, and for the best possible price, ensure that your home makes a great first impression by calling us today on 01934 512537 or by emailing sales@ilesandjenkin.com.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading!

Sue Iles