Imagine that you had hired a professional photographer to attend a very special event of yours and he turned up with an iPhone and started clicking away.

You’d be horrified, I’m guessing? That’s probably because when you employ a professional you expect a certain level of service.

In the photographer’s case, you’d quite rightly demand they have the right equipment, that they stay for as long as the occasion demanded and that they supply you with a range of photos to choose from.

That’s because when it comes to special family events such as weddings, birthdays or christenings photos are incredibly important and not an area you’d want to skimp on.

And it is exactly the same with property photography. The photos of your property are THE most important tool for marketing the property online and indeed offline too.

The cost of poor photography could be measured in thousands of pounds when selling if it means that your property doesn’t attract the level of offers that it deserves.

At Iles & Jenkin, when we are given an instruction to sell a property, we do not cut corners.

We will visit your home and ensure that each photo shows it in its very best possible light. And if we’re not happy with the results because, for example, the weather isn’t great, we’ll go back again and again until we get it right.

And we will take care to make sure that every shot looks good, so you won’t see coats over chairs, toys in the middle of the front room or even a wheelbarrow in the middle of the front path (I’ve actually seen this before in marketing photos for a property!).

And we will always revisit a property when the sun is out to take bright and sunny exterior shots as this always makes the pictures look more appealing. Everyone loves a blue sky backdrop!

Finally, and most importantly, we will continue to update the photos over the course of your time with us to ensure that it never goes ‘stale’ - with tell-tale signs like a Christmas tree in the sitting room even though it’s now May!

It’s this attention to detail which helps to make up the big picture (pun intended, sorry) and ensures that your property is always shown to its best advantage.

Thanks for reading!

Sue Iles

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