The Halifax has just released its latest House Price Index and according to its figures, UK house prices have risen by an average of over 5% in the past twelve months. However, these figures have unfortunately been questioned by some within the industry who have suggested that the figures appear to be somewhat higher than they feel, working at grassroots level.

Of course, without going into the detail of how the Halifax calculate their statistics, fundamentally they are based on the number of mortgages completed by the Halifax and so are possibly not entirely reflective of the whole of the market or the whole of the country.

Perhaps this is why some level of scorn is being poured on these figures by other Industry experts!

At Iles & Jenkin, we believe that the best way to know what is happening to the property market for both selling and letting in your area is to talk to your local High Street Estate Agent (and yes, we are on the High Street in Worle!). You can then chat with us candidly about our experience of the property market in this area, regardless of what the so-called ‘experts’ are saying.

At Iles and Jenkin, when we are discussing a proposed Asking Price with our clients, we will often advise using a ‘market-led’ price to achieve high levels of viewings from motivated buyers which will, in turn, lead to serious offers.

That’s because in our professional opinion we are continuing to see the market rise gently locally and so we make it our mission to give honest market appraisal advice that will achieve the best price possible, and in the shortest period of time, for our valued clients.

Thanks for reading!

Sue Iles


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