*PLEASE NOTE THIS CAMPAIGN ENDED IN 2019, we are currently not the collection point for this campaign anymore.

We are so pleased to be supporting such a worthy cause.

At Iles and Jenkin, we passionately believe that everyone has the fundamental human right to a roof over their head and a bed to sleep on.

Without going into the politics of the present homelessness situation in Britain today, we would like to do whatever we can to support all of those who are doing whatever they can to improve the situation for those who find themselves without a home.

And as a company who specialise in putting roofs over peoples heads for those who can afford it, we also want to ensure that we equally support those who are less fortunate and cannot afford it.

We are a collection point for anyone who would like to donate any clothing, bedding or breakfast items.

This is a note from the charity:

We have opened our doors to give up to 10 rough sleepers a safe and warm bed for the night, with the opportunity to begin turning their lives around for the better. The NAC is not a ‘free’ bed for the night but aims to provide homeless individuals with ‘a safe place to make a plan’ for the future.

While we are putting the final touches to the centre we have hit a snag!

The NAC is the result of members of the community coming together and working tirelessly to ensure that every homeless person in North Somerset is offered safe shelter overnight this winter. We have relentlessly tried to raise the much-needed funds to get the project off the ground... and we’re almost there!

Our guests will be offered a safe bed from 9.30pm to 8 am. But sadly they will be back out on the streets during the day - hopefully beginning to make the necessary changes to their lives that outreach workers would have started with them during their overnight stay. We would love to be able to ensure that at least our guests will be able to eat a decent breakfast before having to go back out into the cold.

As we are desperately trying to raise needed funds to run the NAC we are appealing to anyone who may be able to help us by donating breakfast items such as BREAD, CEREAL, or even PORRIDGE so we can give our homeless the most important meal of the day, and perhaps the most vital as they head back out into the cold this winter.

If you, or someone you know, might be able to help by donating any of these breakfast items or tea, coffee, milk, and hot chocolate please get in touch!!

Even just a loaf of bread or a box of cereal.

With up to 10 people staying a night these donations really will make a huge difference to our homeless, and help us to keep the Night Assessment Centre running long term.

The following places have very kindly offered to act as a drop-off point for anyone wishing to donate any items so please feel free to pop along and see these lovely people who will gladly store your generous donations!!

* Iles & Jenkin Estate Agent

* Worle Autos

* Weston Beauty Clinic

* Beaconsfield Veterinary Clinic

* Garden Cafe Somerset Flower Farm

* Replenish Weston