Ban on agent fees being passed onto Landlords? Not here!

Well, if you have even just a passing interest in property and have half an eye on the news, you can’t have missed all of the reporting in the media over the last few days announcing the banning of all fees associated with renting a property being charged by Agents to Tenants.

The response to this from every industry ‘expert’ or ‘spokesperson’ seemed to be that it was inevitable that these fees would be passed firstly onto Landlords, and then back onto tenants, via increased rents. The law of unintended consequences!

However, that is not the way we operate at Iles and Jenkin. Historically we have only ever charged fees to tenants that are deemed as fair and reasonable, and in line with the work that we carry out on behalf of the Landlord. Unfortunately, that has not been the case with all Agents, hence the ban.

Going forward, based on our ethical outlook on life and our belief that Landlords are already being squeezed enough with a host of recent tax changes affecting them, we will be fully absorbing these extra costs ourselves.

There will, therefore, be no increase to our Landlords on our already incredibly competitive fees (Management starting at just 5%, plus VAT).

So, if you are a Landlord and would like to take advantage of our fee structure to increase your rental returns (without having to increase your tenants’ rent!), then call us now on 01934 512537!

Or, better still, pop into our office at 179 High Street, Worle and have a chat with us about our highly recommended lettings services over a nice cup of tea!

Thank you for reading!