If you put your hand onto a hot stove, would you be surprised if you burnt it? That’s obvious, I hear you cry! And if you go for a stroll when it’s hammering down with rain, you’ll get soaked, right? Of course! You’re now probably also thinking ‘tell me something I don’t know’?

So, isn’t it also pretty obvious that if you put your property on the market and it’s filled with clutter, it’s a much harder property to sell?

Clutter makes your home look smaller and I’ve never had a potential buyer say to me ‘I’m looking for somewhere really small and cluttered’.

Of course, it’s true that we deal with lots of people who are downsizing but they still want ample space to live in their new home and enjoy it.

We recently surveyed the lovely ‘Iles & Jenkin’ team asking them all for their top property tip. Leading the way by some distance was the vital importance of keeping the property clean, tidy and clutter free when people are coming around to view it.

You want viewers to marvel about how big your bedroom seems, not be turned off by the fact there’s no floor space due to unnecessary items left everywhere.

Less is very definitely more in this scenario as untidy properties tend to stay on the market a lot longer than smart, clean and tidy ones.

So, why not spend a bit of time decluttering your property before it goes on the market? If you have items that are surplus to requirements, why not have a garage sale and raise some useful cash in the process? And if you have items that you simply can’t part with, consider starting the packing process a little early by boxing them up and putting them into storage.

But whatever you decide, please don’t just leave them lying around for a potential buyer to step over. The few hours you spend riding your home of unnecessary clutter now could speed up your sale and make you thousands of pounds in an increased sale price.

Put simply, space sells, clutter doesn’t! It sounds obvious but many people dismiss this advice.

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Sue Iles