See the move as an exciting adventure

When you are moving home there's lots to consider.

Choosing the best agent is vital. Finding the right area to relocate to is equally as crucial. Dealing with property chains is another key element.

Sometimes overlooked amidst all this is the impact it will have on the most important people in your life - your children.

At Iles and Jenkin we have overseen hundreds of client moves and we've learned a few things over the years about how best to help your little heroes cope with the upheaval of moving.

Firstly involve your children from the very beginning of the process and tell them what's going on.

Explain the benefits of moving to them and ask for their opinions. If you know the area you are moving to take them to it and show them playgrounds, parks and other potential plus points for them.

It's important that your children see the move as an exciting adventure and feel really part of the process. Ask them what colour they want their new bedroom to be or if they would like new furniture for it.

A lot depends on the age of your children but to help them adapt as quickly as possible it's worth taking time to find out more about this very important subject. A quick Google search should really help.

When it comes to viewings the last thing a potential buyer wants to see or hear are your little ones (or not so little ones) throwing a big tantrum.

The chances of them doing this are reduced if you follow some of the ideas I've shared as the cherubs will be as keen as you to make that crucial good first impression.

Whatever property questions you might have please don't hesitate to ask for our expert and always honest opinion.

Please email us on sales@ilesandjenkin.co.uk or call us on 01934 512537 to find out more.

Or, better still, pop into our office at 179 High Street, Worle, to have a chat with us in person and we can introduce you to our lovely 'Iles & Jenkin' team over a nice cup of tea.

Thank you for reading!

Sue Iles


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