Simple, smart and civilised!

Our colleagues in the ‘Real Estate’ industry across the Atlantic have long held ‘Open Houses’ as a routine way of selling homes.

Although not so common in the UK, we at Iles & Jenkin have been recommending Open House viewing sessions to our vendors for many years as an excellent way to generate serious interest in their property. Recently, however, we have refined our technique as we have found that Open Houses that are based on the concept of block viewing sessions work even better.

Block viewing sessions work in pretty much the same as the Open House concept, but with one major difference; rather than every Tom, Dick & Harry descending on the property at once (like bargain hunters at the New Year sales, with sharpened elbows and no allocated time slots), block viewing sessions are far more civilised affairs.

At an Iles & Jenkin Open House, one or two of our sales team will be present at all times to show viewers around in pre-booked 15-minute time slots. This ensures that potential buyers get a reasonable period of time to look around the property, unhindered and unpressured by other people viewing the property at the same time, but they are still aware that other viewers will be following on from them. We believe this helps to focus their mind on deciding whether this is ‘the one’, or risk losing it to the buyer who’s hot on their heels and about to come through the door!

From our vendor’s perspective, Open Houses definitely make life easier as they only need to put the time and effort into preparing their property once, rather than multiple times for multiple individual viewings. They can then make the most of their day, having precious family time, playing a round of golf or just catching up with friends over a coffee, relaxed in the knowledge that everything is under our expert control.

And, most importantly, the results speak for themselves. Open Houses definitely generate more viewings, which in turn will generate more offers, which can lead to a quicker sale and often at a better price. So, what are you waiting for? Call us on 01934 512537 and schedule an Open House on your home today!

Thank you for reading!

Sue Iles

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