Here at Iles and Jenkin, we work extremely hard to ensure that the tenants that we move into our properties are always fully referenced, fully communicated with and therefore fully understand their responsibilities. This leads to a great relationship between us, with rent paid regularly, properties looked after pro-actively and the tenancy run in a completely respectful way, on both sides.

Sadly, however, since we have been running our market-leading offer of our Fully Managed Service at just 5% plus VAT, we have taken over the management of properties that were previously with other Agencies and they have come complete to us with tenants who were placed in them by those Agents.

What has become increasingly noticeable to us in the early days of looking after the properties is that we often inherit files from those Agents that are missing important contact details for various parties to the tenancy, or missing key pieces of information, including in some cases, Gas Safety Certificates!

And even more disappointingly, we often take over the management of tenants who do not believe in the importance of good communication, who are reluctant to allow us to inspect the property (with plenty of prior notice, of course) and crucially, are surprised when we ask them to pay their rent in full and on time.

On the flip side though, we immediately start to build an excellent working relationship with our new Landlords who are surprised when we pay the rent over to them promptly upon receipt, or who are surprised that the rent goes into their account the same day as they receive the statement from us, and then are further surprised when they receive more of the rent than they had previously received as our fees are so much more competitive than their previous Agent.

If you are a Landlord reading this, we hope you will agree that this is a win-win situation!

So, if you are not totally satisfied with the service that you are receiving from your current Letting Agent, why not come and chat with us at Iles and Jenkin? Not only will it cost you nothing, but it may well save you hundreds of pounds a year in lower fees and, we are sure, will give you a smoother, more efficient rent payment and Management service!

That’s because “Your Property is Our Priority”!