As anyone who has even a passing interest in house buying and selling will tell you, there is now a choice as to what type of estate agency you can use to sell your home, generally referred to as either ‘online’ or ‘High Street’. But this is not really a factually correct definition as nearly all High Street agents have an online presence as well!

As these online-only agents have now been around for some time, research has been generated on their success levels and also the price discrepancies they are achieving in comparison to traditional agents. The findings are quite staggering! On average, online only agents achieved a lower sale price of up to 5% against those that a pro-active, highly committed, local agency, can achieve for you. (“The Advisory”). This could be as much as £10,000 on a £200,000 house!

Why are High Street agents able to achieve this? Because you are not just paying them – usually up front - to MARKET your property; ie. stick it on their website, stick it on a property portal and stick up a ‘For Sale’ board and then just keep finger’s crossed and hope for the best – far from it, you are incentivising the traditional ‘High Street’ agent to find you good, proceedable applicants, to view your property, fall in love with it and then make the best offer for you. And then actively progress it through to a successful exchange of Contracts. Because otherwise, they don’t get paid!

They do this, by employing trained and dedicated sales people who know your home and build a relationship with potential buyers whilst always working with your best interests at heart!

So, do you want to pay a non-refundable, upfront fee for someone to just MARKET your home, or would you like to instruct a professional to find you the best proceedable buyer, guide you through the whole selling and conveyancing process and then SELL your home?

I will let you choose! But it goes without saying that here at Iles and Jenkin, this is what we do for our loyal clients every working day. Take a look at our Google reviews to see what our clients say about our service and then give us a call on 01934 512537.

Thank you for reading!

Sue Iles

Sue Iles

Director, Iles & Jenkin