Why there's no time like the present to make that move...

Are you thinking of moving home soon? If so, are you thinking that with the present darker evenings and the Christmas holiday season fast approaching, it would probably be best to wait until the Springtime before putting your property on the market? Whilst we would generally agree with this thought process, particularly this year we would urge some caution on this perspective.

Firstly, serious buyers do not simply give up house hunting over the Christmas and New Year period. In fact, many will even become frustrated by the lack of choice available as properties are withdrawn from the market by sellers who mistakenly believe that nobody will be looking at this time of year. So, why not take advantage of this temporary imbalance of supply and demand by being one of the properties that is actually new to the market, or if you are already on the market, why not consider changing Estate Agents and giving your marketing a fresh start? Whilst viewing activity may be slightly less frenetic, you can be assured that every viewing will count as you will only be dealing with serious buyers rather than casual viewers!

Secondly, and possibly more importantly, the date of 29th March is hugely significant next year as that's the date the UK is due to leave the European Union. If you do wait until the Spring before putting your home on the market you may be hitting the market just at the point when the full effect of Brexit starts to bite. Whilst no one can predict what effect Brexit will have on the UK economy, many experts have warned that if it all goes horribly wrong and we face a 'disorderly' Brexit, the economy will inevitably suffer with house prices potentially falling.

Whether house prices will drop, and by how much, only time will tell. But what is certain is that we are unlikely to see the same rate of price increases and the same volume of house sales over the next few years that we have seen over recent years. For sellers, this may mean that it will be harder to sell your home, and if it does sell, you may find that it sells for less than it's worth at the moment.

So, if you were contemplating a move next year, why not instead consider taking advantage of the situation, be strategic, and position your property for an early sale now at a time when demand for properties is likely to outstrip supply? And the flip side for you is that having a buyer for your own property ahead of everyone else puts you in a strong position as a buyer next year, able to take advantage of all those new properties coming onto the market in the New Year or Spring rush yourself.

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