Although we are all very pet-friendly within the Iles & Jenkin office, we understand that not every buyer will feel the same way. So, here are some useful tips on how to ensure that potential buyers are not put off by the negatives which can sometimes come with owning a pet;

1) Remember to repair any damage caused by pets to floors and walls, including carpets, hardwood flooring, furniture, and outdoor areas. Your home is really not ready for viewings until these issues are addressed.

2) Remove pet stains and odours by having carpets and floors professionally cleaned

3) Tidy up your garden, especially if you have a dog that spends a lot of time outside

4) Always try to relocate your pet during viewings especially if it is a snake or other reptile, as it may potentially scare a buyer

5) Clean, clean and clean. It cannot be emphasized enough! Your home should be thoroughly cleaned and hoovered before each viewing. Potential buyers could have allergies, or there could be lingering smells you haven’t noticed because you have lived with your pets for so long. A smell can have a powerful effect on us, and you don’t want to lose a sale simply because the odour in your home left a buyer feeling negative about it.

6) Remove litter boxes, food bowls, water bowls, and pet toys while viewers are looking around.

On the positive side, owning a pet can help to create a common bond with a pet-friendly viewer so don’t forget to maximise the advantages:

Display a picture of a cute pet in an attractive frame in pride of place as it will help make the room feel more homely and cosy

· If strategically placed, the photo might even draw the viewer’s attention to the room’s best feature such as a fireplace or window.

Finally, in exceptional circumstances, and only if your dog or cat is immaculately well-behaved, having it stretched out in front of a log fire may actually boost the ‘feel good factor’ of your home during a viewing. But you must be able to trust that your pet will remain calm, especially if children will be visiting, and you should definitely limit it to just one pet at home during viewings.

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Thanks for reading!

Sue Iles

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