According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of trust is ‘a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.’ This is especially important when used in conjunction with someone who will be representing you in what is probably going to be one of the largest transactions that you will ever make; the sale of your home.

If you think about it for a second, the chances are that you will be choosing which Agent to use based on meeting just one person in the Company who is a complete stranger to you, and then relying upon them to market your home, conduct viewings and give you honest and sensible advice in relation to any offers that you may receive, to the very best of their ability.

Once a sale has been agreed, their brief will then be to do all they can to assist you and your Solicitor to get the sale all the way through to a successful exchange of contracts, with as little stress as possible and in a timescale that best suits you.

That’s some responsibility!

At Iles & Jenkin, we believe that the best way of finding out what an Estate Agent is really like to work with is to go on some viewings with them. A sort of ‘try before you buy into them’. That way you will get to experience first-hand whether the Sales Negotiators are doing their job in a professional and trustworthy manner, or whether you feel as though they’re trying to sell you a second-hand car!

Some signs to watch out for are; do they arrive on time, are they well organised and prepared for the appointment, do they have a good practical knowledge of the property, are they working hard to engage with you and most importantly, are they selling the features and benefits of the property to you?

As a seller, it is all too easy to decide which Agent to choose based only on the one person that you will meet from the Company – the Valuer. But the reality of house selling is that you may never speak to the Valuer again once your home is on the market, so the reassurance of having met the sales team and knowing that they are on their game is almost more important for a successful sale.

Finally, look at the online reviews for the office, such as Google Reviews. If it is a Corporate Company with more than one office, make sure you look at the reviews for the office that you will be dealing with. See what people just like you are saying about them – and decide for yourself whether they are telling you that the Agent can truly be trusted with your home.

At ‘Iles and Jenkin’ we will always operate in a trustworthy and ethical manner and our clients have been kind enough to recognise this publicly in the excellent Google Reviews that they have given us. But if you are still uncertain, why don’t you give us a call, meet with us and see what makes us a little bit different from other High Street Estate Agents?

Thank you for reading!

Sue Iles